BeSafe iZi Combi X4 ISOfix car seat


The Road Safety Organization and BeSafe recommend that children travel in the opposite direction for as long as possible, preferably until they are 4 years old. It has been proven that traveling for young children against the direction of travel is 5 times safer. Unfortunately, many adults sit their children in the direction of travel too soon, because the opposite seats take up too much space in the car. Our “adult” idea of ​​unlimited space in the car causes children to turn too soon in the direction of travel. BeSafe takes this problem very seriously and has found a great solution: the iZi Combi X4 is equipped with adjustable ISOfix connectors that can increase the space at the feet by up to 10 centimeters. by adjusting the front seat to your child’s growth needs. Thanks to this, the seat, secured against the direction of travel, lasts as long as possible.



  • certified according to ECE R44 / 04
  • mounting against the direction of travel (0-18kg) – installation using ISOfix video here
  • mounting in the direction of travel (9-18kg) installation using a 3-point car belt  video here
  • side impact protection – SIP side impact protection (side impact protection)
  • head and neck protection – EPS  to support the head and seat shell
  • easy control of the headrest and seat belts where you can adjust to 8 different height positions with 1 movement
  • easier handling of seat belts thanks to magnets
  • anirotation strut protects your child in the event of a rear-end collision
  • adjustable 4 positions  in sitting or lying down
  • integrated footrest



  • Side impact protection:  car seat is designed to comprehensively provide the safest protection in the event of a side impact.
  • Easy setup:  The head restraint and inner seat belts are easy to operate. You can adjust them to different height positions with one movement. Adjustment of 4 rest positions of the seat. Rollover and spacer protects your child in the event of a rear-end collision. The car seat can be gradually expanded and reduced so that the space grows with the child.
  • Simple and stable installation: The  connectors of the BeSafe iZi Combi ISOfix car seat can be easily connected to car mounts and, thanks to the front strut, you ensure its excellent stability.

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